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Ripple’s XRP Price Forecast 2020: The glimpse of hope

  • Ripple (XRP) drab performance in 2019 leaves investors gasping for air and looking forward to a better 2020.
  • The 2020 forecast places XRP/USD price above $0.30 with a chance of jumping above $1.0.
  • On-Demand Liquidity gains traction with key players like MoneyGram coming on board.
  • Ripple’s XRP price correlation with Bitcoin is expected to continue in 2020.

The bearish hostility across the cryptocurrency market leaves nothing but scarred faces in its wake. However, as they say, ‘it gets darker just before dawn.’ Besides, Ripple’s XRP loss consolidation is beckoning amid sounds of the bullish train approaching the station. In other words, get ready, lest the train aiming for $1.00 in 2020 leaves the station before you arrive. Meanwhile, XRP’s recovery above $0.3 is imminent with a possible higher consolidation.

The festive season is dawning on us. It is time we reviewed how rewarding or demoralizing 2019 was for the cryptocurrency trader, investor and enthusiast. 2019 promised the sky following the end of the 2018’s downtrend in December. The first and second quarters of the year were extremely fruitful for the entire cryptocurrency market. Recovery and remarkable price-performance headlines brightened the cryptocurrency space month-over-month gains until the end of June.

Ripple’s XRP price 2019 performance analysis

After hitting yearly lows of $0.2548 on August 31, 2018, XRP significantly recovered to highs, almost hitting $0.80 on September 21, 2018. The recovery was unique to XRP, driven mostly by the Ripple’s 2019 Swell conference. Unfortunately, the losses that followed erased most of the gains, pushing XRP close to 2018.

XRP/USD Price Analysis 2020 - Weekly Chart

The cryptocurrency market prices are largely correlated with Bitcoin price action. The largest cryptocurrency hit the ‘bottom’ in December 2018 near $3146 and commenced what came to be the biggest rally BTC had experience in over a year. Ripple’s XRP also reacted positively to the market impacted by Bitcoin price action during the first and second quarters of 2019.

The strong bull rally from the beginning of the year saw XRP scale the levels above $0.2, $0.30 as well as $0.4. Further thrust upwards recovered the ground slightly above $0.5 and formed a 2019 high at $0.5139 in June. However, since then, Ripple’s XRP has been continuously put between a rock and a hard place. Whereby recovery is limited and the struggle to stay afloat above crucial support levels gets tougher.

Performance in the last six months has seen bulls painfully endure intense battering. For instance, after giving up the support at $0.4 in July, it became challenging for the bulls to sustain XRP above $0.3. Besides, the increasing selling activity across the market in October and November has pushed Ripple against $0.20 crucial support. At the time of writing, XRP is teetering at $0.1969 after testing $0.1960.

XRP/USD daily chart

XRP/USD Price Forecast 2020 - Daily Chart

Pre-Christmas volatility

Barely a week before Christmas, Ripple’s XRP is exploring the lows below $0.20. The third-largest cryptocurrency has not only fallen below its 2019 target but also trading under the lows posted in 2018.

On the contrary, the daily chart shows a few developing positive technical pictures. First, the RSI is oversold, but Bitcoin is ignoring this fact. However, a reversal is in the offing and could have the potential to not only blast XRP above $0.20 but also correct towards $0.30.

Secondly, the formation of the falling wedge pattern hints at a breakout in the coming sessions. XRP bulls will need a catalyst, the right volume and confidence to exceptionally take advantage of the wedge pattern.

Ripple 2019 Development recap

Ripple has had a stellar performance as far as partnerships are concerned in 2019. The San Francisco blockchain-based startup expanded some of its key payment solutions to strategic regions around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Asia and the Philippines.

RippleNet expands with over 300 customers

In November, Ripple announced that its banking solution that connects commercial banking institutions, RippleNET’s customer base surged surpassing 300 members. Moreover, the platform posted a ten times year-over-year growth in transactions.

Key global banks partnering with Ripple

Ripple has, over the years, signed partnerships with leading banks around the world, including Japan’s SBI Holdings, American Express, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Barclays, the Bank of England (BoE) and the Spanish multinational Santander.

Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL): The success story of 2019

During the Swell conference in 2018, Ripple announced the introduction of ODL as the transformation of the xRapid product. ODL leverages Ripple’s native token XRP in support of faster, cheaper and reliable cross-border payments. Ripple has, in less than 12 months, witnessed tremendous growth, with ODL volume hitting a new month-over-month high in Mexico.

ODL has welcomed a significant number of customers, including MoneyGram, Viamericas, goLance, Interbank Peru and FlashFX. ODL customers, according to Ripple, are more than two dozen. Besides, the transactions recorded have grown more than 10x since the levels recorded in the first quarter of the year. Apart from the initial payment corridors in Mexico and the Philippines, ODL has expended to Australia and Brazil. Plans are underway to add new corridors APAC, EMEA and LATAM in 2020. Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, said about ODL:

“This year has been our strongest for Ripple yet. In 2019 we’ve seen continued momentum with customers, growth of RippleNet and adoption of On-Demand Liquidity. In just a year since we launched ODL, we are already making an impact on the bottom line for our customers.”

Alex Holmes, MoneyGram’s CEO, categorically added that:

“One of the core strengths of MoneyGram is our global liquidity and settlement engine that enables our customers to send money in over 200 countries and territories. Our partnership with Ripple has helped us to improve this strength, and we’ve already started seeing the product’s potential to streamline our back-end capabilities.

XRP and regulation

Ripple has particularly struggled with regulation for its XRP cryptocurrency, especially in the United States. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is torn between categorizing XRP as a security token or leave it to ride along as crypto. However, XRP has gained traction in the United Kingdom, which recently referred to it as crypto, just like Ethereum. Many experts and enthusiasts believe that unclear regulations for the industry are stifling innovation.

“That’s the part (regulatory clarity) that unfortunately is missing and in the U.S. market. It’s still too confusing, too inconsistent. There are just too many question marks and that really hurts innovation”, Ripple’s co-founder Chris Larsen said.

Larsen added that “the best system is going to be one that takes into consideration consumer protection (for the innovators), and also recognize the importance of the job that other regulators (Federal Reserve and Treasury) have.”

Ripple’s XRP Price Forecast 2020

Ripple is moving towards a drab start in the new year following a rough ride lasting more than six months. The company, Ripple, has hit incredible milestones, but XRP has been adamant in reaction to the news. For this reason, I think XRP’s price action will continue independent of the developments Ripple makes as a company.

XRP/USD daily chart

XRP/USD Price Analysis 2020 - Daily Chart

Declines across the crypto landscape have characterized the last couple of weeks. XRP bulls have given up the support at $0.20 and the price is dancing at $0.1974. However, the formation of a falling wedge pattern suggests that a recovery will soon come into play in the near future. However, XRP must correct from the short term downtrend first and then shift the focus to $0.30.

Ripple’s price action in 2020 will largely depend on the movement in Bitcoin’s market. For instance, the 2020 Bitcoin halving event is expected to drive the price to highs above $20000. The correlation between the assets will impact XRP into a bullish rally and could pull the price to levels above $1.0. However, I still believe $1.0 is a very conservative price for XRP. Besides, according to D.I.Y Investing, a renowned cryptocurrency trader, XRP has the potential to hit $28 in the next bull cycle:

“Cyclical Time Frames with $XRP. You guys have seen me post this chart before, but now I have added cyclical time frames to paint an even clearer picture. $XRP follows cycles of 6 months to one-year Bull Cycles followed by two year Bear Cycles. 2020 will be the next Bull Cycle: $28.”

XRP/USD Price Projection 2020

Speaking to Master The Crypto, analysts at Exante, a European investment company with an online trading platform, having access to 50+ global markets had these to say:

“The XPR rate in 2019 is very stable compared to other major tokens. It remained in the $0.24-$0.48 range (twofold magnitude of variation), while the ETH and BTC rates varied threefold and fourfold, respectively. XRP is temporarily on the decline, yet with moderate dynamics. In September, it lost 7%, while the overall crypto market lost 15%. Steady rate is a key showing for many investors (especially institutions), so in the long run, they may have a greater interest in XRP than BTC.”

Exante’s analysts also predict that XRP will trade around $0.5 by the end of 2020:

“In the future, the stability factor may boost XRP prices over classic crypto. Predicting asset prices in the volatile crypto market is a daunting task. Think of the Bakkt trade start as an example. That said, I believe XRP will remain in the $0.2-$0.3 range for the next few weeks, possibly rising over $0.5 by the end of the year.”

Final word

The coming year is one that will set the base for the next rally in 2021. Bitcoin halving will start stirring the bull rally towards the end of 2020 and throughout 2021. Therefore, in my opinion, XRP will recover price levels above $3.0 and consolidate between $0.3 and $0.50 for most of 2020. Towards the end of 2020, a bull cycle will blast XRP into new levels above $1.0 while maintaining the focus on $3.0.

by John Isige

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XRP Goes Vertical with 14% Price Pump on Moneygram News

XRP gained 14% on Monday, coinciding with record growth by Moneygram, and a glowing yearly report which could bode well for Ripple.

  • The XRP price climbed 14%, making it the second-highest gainer in the market cap top hundred.
  • The unexpected surge coincided with a healthy yearly report, and the news that Ripple investment Moneygram achieved record transaction growth.
  • XRP coin price returns to early December levels.

The XRP price jumped 14% on Monday, coinciding with the news that Moneygram had just achieved record online transaction growth.

Moneygram’s 70% year-on-year growth over Christmas came just weeks after Ripple finalized a $50 million investment in the payments platform.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said Moneygram’s use of the firm’s On Demand Liquidity (ODL, previously named xRapid) would be accelerated in the wake of the investment.

Moneygram – Success By Association?

Moneygram’s non-US growth was even higher in 2019, with a 120% increase in transactions internationally. Mobile devices were used in 80% of transactions overall.

While no details have emerged regarding Moneygram’s utilization of ODL, the association may have been enough to sway the day’s trades in XRP’s favour.

XRP was the second highest gainer in the market cap top hundred on Monday. The coin price surged throughout the afternoon, climbing from $0.195298 up to $0.223832.

XRP Price, Ripple, CoinMarketCap
The XRP coin price gained 14% on Monday. The surge gained momentum as Westerners woke up to the Moneygram news. | Source: CoinMarketCap

That put XRP on a three-week high, returning to a price point not witnessed since Dec. 11.


Trade volume doubled on the day according to CoinMarketCap, which recorded an increase from $1.1 billion to $2.2 billion.

Glowing Yearly Report Boosts XRP Price?

In addition to the possible Moneygram connection, the 2019 XRP yearly report was released on Jan 6. Despite a 50% drop in USD value over 2019 (and 75% in BTC terms), XRP speculators had reasons to be cheerful.

The report details the wealth of networking, on-boarding and partnerships carried out by the Ripple team over the past year. The XRP coin found listings on 81 new exchanges. At the same time, the report claims over 50 national banks signed up to Ripple’s RippleNet.

A lasting point of contention among cryptocurrency observers is Ripple’s continuous over-the-counter sale of XRP. The report notes that sales for 2019 are on course to eclipse 2018’s. Coin sales in Q1 and Q2 of this year exceeded the average quarterly sales figure for the whole of 2019, marking a notable increase in sales despite a falling coin price.

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How Ripple’s XRP Could Finally Reach The $1 Price Mark In 2020

A few years since its debut on the crypto market, XRP, climbed to $3.02 in January 2018, it’s all-time high and rose more than a 1000% percent before that historic feat.

Its gradual growth soon earned it the 3rd largest cryptocurrency position and its future was nothing but bright. The digital coin, however, started sliding down slowly and soon lost more than half of its all-time value.

2019 wasn’t any exception as the price of XRP kept hovering around the $0.20 mark for months. The digital coin is now trading at $0.23, taking advantage of a recent partnership deal announced by its team. Despite its slightly better start to this year, the question out there still remains if the digital coin can climb to the $1 mark.

2020 promises to be a good year for cryptocurrencies and especially altcoins as Bitcoin is set to undergo another halving event. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the biggest cryptocurrency and its rise has many times, propelled altcoins to rise with it.

Bitcoin is already up by 20% this year and is expected to experience more bullish trends. Part of XRP’s rise this year also depends on Bitcoin and its history of a massive bullish run after a halving will sure take XRP along for a joy ride.

Another factor that can help Ripple’s XRP rise to the $1 mark again is its developmental projects surrounding it. Ripple has announced many partnerships in the last few months, starting with the partnership with Moneygram, which saw the coin achieve a 14% rise from last week, which also coincided with a new record for Moneygram’s transaction growth. XRP’s 14% climb made it the second-highest gainer in the top hundred in terms of market cap.

Ripple Net, has also partnered with Siam Commercial Bank, a Thailand-based bank which offers fintech solutions for many Asian markets. The partnership seeks to make Ripple Net the basis for a new app and payment system. The banking app will also introduce the bank’s 6 million-strong user base to Ripple’s XRP which will increase its exposure and daily trade.

XRP was able to show its resistance level by maintaining its $0.20 mark during the wild fluctuations, which saw many bullish traders’ cash in on the digital coin. With the coin gaining momentum, coupled with many anticipated developments, XRP could be on the right path to hitting the $1 mark once again or even more before the end of 2020.

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XRP is All Set to Ride the First Bull-run of 2020

  • XRP’s bullish trendline has been breached once after it started correcting down in its 1-month chart; faced rejection above $0.2483
  • The leading altcoin has recently formed a support level at $0.2140; recovery faces hurdles above its 200-day moving average line ($0.2247)
  • XRP has kick-started 2020 on a mild bullish note. However, this month seems to be ending with a decline
  • Today, the coin has started head upwards though is still below the 38.20% Fib level; the coin needs to strike a break-out above $0.2300 to sustain the rebound

Bitcoin has corrected back to the $8500-$8300 price range after it surged above $9000 from $7269 over the last 25 days. Resonating the same to a certain extent, Ripple cryptocurrency has recently seen a pullback below $0.23 after it went above $0.24 against US Dollar.

Notably, after the prolonged bearish spell of the crypto market, which lasted at least till the end of 2019, 2020 holds many hopes of an ample market recovery.

XRP News
XRP/USD Chart By TradingView

XRP price was as low as $0.1930 in the first week of January, and it took a few spikes above 0.22, $0.23 and $0.24 forming a clear higher high pattern. After this strong bullish sign, the currency faced a rejection above $0.2483 and sharply pulled back below $0.23.

After a steady downward correction, the coin found a support level of $0.2140 yesterday. Today, the XRP coin has again formed a dip at $0.2169 before resuming the recovery.

XRP Coin

Will XRP Replicate 2019’s Surge?

The 1-week chart largely exhibits the price decline of Ripple crypto. The coin steadily dropped from $0.2485 and broke major support levels, which are between the Fib levels of 50% and 61.80%. XRP has already tested support level at $0.2144, the 0% Fib level. Yesterday, the coin faced resistance above 0.2245 and today, the currency has started to move up from $0.2175. Here, the price has uplifted its support level forming a lower low.


The short-term SMA line is above the long-term SMA line noting a bullish vibe as per the 1-month price movement. Bollinger bands are widening, noting a volatile phase while the MACD line is above the signal line. However, the MACD indicator is in the bearish zone right now.

Author Ruti Vora

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XRP’s Price May Soon Jump Higher Against Bitcoin, Analysts Say

Due to this strong underperformance, XRP has also plunged greatly against Bitcoin, with each of the altcoin now being worth around 2,500 satoshis, a far cry from all-time highs.

Yet, a number of analysts recently explained in charts that the cryptocurrency may soon mount a strong comeback against the market leader.

Cryptocurrency analyst Bitcoin Jack noted that the XRP/BTC trading pair has a bullish setup forming, recently forming somewhat of a bottom at key levels. He claims that the cryptocurrency could soon surge from 2,536 satoshis to 2,879 satoshis — a gain of 13.5% over the coming weeks.

This comes shortly after prominent Bitcoin trader Smokey noted that while XRP’s Ichimoku Cloud is not yet bullish, other major altcoins are “going strong,” meaning that XRP should have a propensity to increase against BTC in the coming weeks. He added that the asset remains above weekly support, boding well for bulls.

Not So Bullish After All

While the abovementioned analysts think that XRP/BTC is due for a move higher, analyst Josh Olszewicz of Brave New Coin isn’t so sure.

He recently released an extensive video analysis on the XRP altcoin.

Near the end of the video, he brought up XRP/BTC, giving his thoughts on the trading pair, specifically where the market could go next.

He noted that at under 3,000 satoshis per XRP, the cryptocurrency is looking extremely bearish as it is below the 200-day exponential moving average, below the Ichimoku Cloud on the daily, and is trading below a massive volume zone as marked by volume profiles, indicating strong resistance right overhead. In other words, “there’s no bullish anything here, [so the price action] will be grindy, and thus could revisit lows here.”

He went on to say that even in a vacuum, he doesn’t believe XRP looks good, ever, adding that investors should short the highs due to the long-term bearish trend formed after the blow-off top of early-2018.

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Over $25 Million Worth Of XRP Transferred From Bithumb, A Boost To $0.50 USD Incoming?

  • XRP breaches key resistance level at $0.3200 USD signaling a possible bullish run higher.
  • Over $25 million in XRP transferred from Bithumb to an unknown wallet, bullish signs?

The crypto market is on a rocket surge as all the top cryptocurrencies gained handsomely over the past 24 hours. Ethereum (ETH) gaining 15%, XRP chipping in 11% and Tezos at 10%, lead the market run as analysts call on an altseason following the first full day BTC has traded above $10,400 USD.

XRP soars 11% in a day breaching key resistance at $0.33 USD

Amidst all the green candles across the crypto market, it is XRP that has caught the attention of traders in the past week. As other top altcoins hit their stride, gaining above 70%, since the start of the year, XRP’s market had not hit its full potential as it gained only 52% since the turn of the year. However, in the past 48 hours, the XRP market has gone parabolic, gaining over 18%, to set an intraday high of $0.3340 USD.

Image: TradingView

Looking at the daily candle charts, the 200 EMA is providing a key support to the XRP/USD pair with a long term view for a continuation of the bullish trend. Currently kissing the upper 20-day Bollinger Band, XRP/USD looks set for a near term reversal before starting a new bullish move towards 50 cents – a move that could propel the token further. Opportunity to enter?

Over $25 million transferred from Bithumb, bullish?

According to Whale Alerts, a large scale trade aggregator, over 78,000,000 XRP (~$25.4 million USD) was transferred from Bithumb exchange to an unknown wallet. The movement of such an obscene amount of XRP from the exchanges signals a possible institutional buy of XRP, which increases the bullish sentiments on the digital asset.

While it’s unlikely the whale transaction caused the pump to $0.3340 USD, the movement of such a large amount raises a question on where the market is heading. With positive fundamentals on the charts for XRP and accelerated developments from Ripple Inc., it seems only a matter of time before the coin hits $0.500 USD. Keep watch!

Author: Lujan Odera




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Ripple [XRP] is Just 3 CENTS Away From Reversing Mega Gains of 2017; Will Brad Intervene?


Will Brad Intervene? Not surprising, Ripple (XRP) has been under immense sell pressure in the last half-year and today’s drop below 17 cents and Dec 2019 lows spell another low for the third-most valuable coin.


For perspective, XRP is down 23% in the last trading day and down 33% in the past week. Combined, the coin is down 49% month-to-date and 52% year-to-date.

It has also posted losses against Bitcoin but is up against ETH, which is on a free fall, adding 8 percent against Vitalik Buterin-co-founder currency.

XRP bears reversing 2017 gains

As prices drop, traders also noted that associated volumes were high. From different coin trackers, XRP-related volumes are up 35% in the last trading day, highlighting how ferocious bears have been.

Ripple XRP Market Performance
Ripple XRPMarket Performance

As bears pushed prices below Dec 2019 lows amid high trading volumes to current spot level, 15 cents, holders of the coin are confounded with the idea that all the massive gains made in 2017 have almost been reversed.

Ripple XRP 2017 Lows
Ripple XRP 2017 Lows:Trading View

Amid the massive crypto rally of 2017 induced by the ICO-mania and investor exuberance, XRP, like Bitcoin, soared. At peaks, the enterprise-focused coin traded at $3.32.

Ripple XRP Quick Stats
Ripple XRPQuick Stats

However, with bears taking charge, XRP has slumped 95%. Still, XRP is the most valuable coin after Bitcoin and ETH, with a market dominance of 4%.

Brad Garlinghouse: XRP is better than Gold

Even in the depth of bear, Brad Garlinghouse is confident of Ripple and XRP. In a series of tweets, the CEO said that holding XRP is better than gold.

Gold remains one of the most valuable and time-tested physical assets held not only by individuals but by central banks.

As the global economy dangles and on the cusp of falling into a recession, Russia’s central banks has been ramping up and increasing their gold stocks.

Bitcoin is largely regarded as gold’s alternative thanks in part to its mega valuation, censorship resistance, and its digital nature.

Tether (USDT) Flips Bitcoin’s Spinoffs

With this capitulation, USDT’s market cap has surged to $4 billion, $2.7 billion shy from XRP, which is lodged at third.

Tether USDT Flips BSV and BCH
Tether USDT Flips BSV and BCH

Tether (USDT) has flipped Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash, both of which are Bitcoin’s spinoffs.

Tether is a stablecoin, and as prices fall, it is the much-needed shield during times of heightened volatility.

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XRP on the Verge of Free Fall

XRP is sitting on top of “white space,” said a prominent analyst. A further fall could spell disaster for Ripple’s largest asset.

XRP Holding on to Thin Air

Peter Brandt, a 45-years trading veteran, recently said that XRP is sitting on top of “white space.” Looking at prices since August 2016, Brandt shows there are no support levels that could help XRP if there’s a further decline.

The lack of support is a result of price action following its $3.3 peak in January 2018. Since then, the coin entered a relentless downtrend, destroying 96% of its value.

Another way to look at it, according to Brandt, “almost everyone who has bought XRP since May 2017 has a loss.”

XRP/USD price chart by Peter Brandt



768w” data-src=”” />

XRP/USD chart by Peter Brandt

Although he didn’t predict the exact price trajectory of XRP, he is not optimistic. Brandt pointed out that “XRP is not a true crypto.” Instead, he explained that it could serve as a financial instrument for those who believe “crypto is a religion.”

Regardless of its status, XRP could bounce back. It seems like its price action was contained in a descending parallel channel since mid-February. These patterns contain the price action of a coin within the upper and lower bounds of the channel.

A further increase in buying pressure could push Ripple’s coin to the middle or upper boundary of its channel. These support barriers sit at $0.17 and $0.2, respectively.

XRP / USD price chart on TradingView




1536w” data-src=”” />

XRP/USD on TradingView

It’s worth noting that a spike in volume could ignite another sell-off, adding credence to Brandt’s bearish position.

If this happens, Ripple’s cryptocurrency should prepare to make a new low. On its way down, the next levels of support to watch out for sit at $0.03 and $0.01, representing a 70-90% price drop.

Even Ripple’s notoriously rabid investor-base is concerned by the possibility of a large drop. Tiffany Hayden, previously one of its most passionate supporters, sold her holdings and disassociated herself with the community.

XRP needs momentum, and soon, or it could end in disaster for bag holders.