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News of 15 Jan 2020

(=) neutral, (+) positive, (-) negative

(=) ALXN – Alexion will begin research on Ultomiris.

(=) GOOGL – Google acquired Pointy, an Irish retailer, for undisclosed terms.

(+) TSLA – Jefferies raises the price bar to $ 600 from $ 400, as it indicates Tesla’s ability to increase sales in its energy storage and third-party battery packs.

(=) CMCSA – NBCUniversal has launched SportsTech, a global accelerator that it develops for startups in spot technology.

(+) GOOGL – Deutsche Bank raises the Alphabet target from $ 1,550 to $ 1,750 dollars in advance of the earnings report, which is expected on February 3.

(+) AAPL – UBS raises Apple’s target price from $ 280 to $ 355. Wedbush also updated the target price at $ 400.

(+) XLI – China has promised to purchase from the United States almost $ 80 billion of additional industrial goods over the next two years in accordance with the first stage trade agreement, which will be signed on Wednesday.

(=) BA – Boeing offers airlines huge discounts, bulk purchases and service packages due to the 737 MAX situation.

(=) LLY – Eli Lilly expands insulin offerings at low prices.

(=) AMZN, MSFT – Amazon will file a petition for a temporary ban on January 24 to temporarily block Microsoft from working on a 10B cloud contract worth from the Pentagon. The federal court will make its decision on February 11th.

(+) FB – Deutsche Bank has increased Facebook’s target price from $ 270 to $ 280, citing the increase in productivity of the main applications, which will continue this year.

(+) TSLA – Jefferies raises its target price to $ 600 from $ 400, and indicates Tesla’s ability to increase sales in its energy storage and third-party battery packs.

(+) CLDR – According to D.A. Davidson’s appointment of a new CEO may indicate a likely sale of the company to a larger player.

(+) WYNN – Goldman Sachs adds Wynn Resorts to its shopping list and more positive outlook for Macau. A team of GS analysts raises the target price of a casino operator to $ 181 from $ 157.

(-) AMZN – A Deutsche Bank analyst says Amazon Web Services growth seems to have slowed in the 4th quarter.

(+) GOOGL – Google acquires AppSheet. AppSheet will join the Google Cloud team and its services will be expanded to integrate with Google Sheets, Forms, Android Maps and Google Analytics. The company will continue its existing integration with Office 365, Salesforce, and Box.

(+) MSFT – Microsoft is releasing a security patch to fix a significant Windows flaw discovered by the National Security Agency.

(+) WYNN, LVS, MGM – JPMorgan looks positively at Macau’s prospects.

(+) BA – According to Bloomberg, Boeing is negotiating with a group of banks about a possible loan, since it is dealing with the suspension of production of its 737 MAX aircraft.

(=) AMZN – Amazon offers a loan for Deliveroo.

(+) DIS – Disney grew after reporting that its Disney Plus app’s mobile downloads were close to 41 million.

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Latest long ideas:

SBUX – broke through the resistance level, the next level at 93.8.

WYNN – upgrades, and the breakdown of the level, the upside is about 10%.

REGN is a breakdown of the level, plus news on the release of strong results for the 2nd phase of drug research.

MKSI – close to the breakdown of level 115, interesting, it is necessary to follow the breakdown.

LVS is a positive news background, it is possible after the breakdown of 73.5.

JPM – it looks interesting, after strong reporting, after a breakdown of 140 you can consider buying.

LGF.A – breakdown of the level, the presence of a fundamental upgrade, to the next level of about 10% of the potential.

ETSY – breakdown level, probably underestimated.

LC – trying to bounce

PINS – not bad level pierced

ZS – level breakdown

BBIO – the second wave of growth is likely

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News of 21 Jan 2020

(=) neutral, (+) positive, (-) negative

(+) SBUX – Starbucks is expanding its presence in low-income areas.

(+) LLY – Eli Lilly aims to increase M&A transactions in 2020.

(-) ATVI, EA – Video game sales fell 15% in December.

(=) AMD – AMD hires Daniel McNamaru as SVP and GM in the server division. Most recently, McNamara served as president and CEO of Intel for network and user logical groups.

(=) FB – WhatsApp refuses to sell ads. According to the report, WhatsApp has dismissed a team that is working on finding a way to integrate advertising into the messaging service.

(+) RUN – JP Morgan considers Sunrun shares underestimated. JPM analyst Mark Strouse believes that Sunrun is well positioned in the “fast-growing” solar energy market in the United States, and its scale can provide solid growth opportunities.

(+) AAPL – Apple will release its original movie The Banker in movie theaters on March 6. The film will be released on Apple TV + on March 20.

(-) AA – Alcoa predicts that global aluminum supply will exceed demand by as much as 1 million metric tons in 2020, compared with a deficit of 900K-1.1 million tons last year. Demand worldwide is growing by 1.4-2.4%, but this is not enough to absorb excess supply.

(+) MSFT – Microsoft launches $ 1 billion climate innovation fund to stimulate the development of new technologies to reduce and remove carbon. The tech giant also promises to be carbon-negative by 2030, and by 2050 will remove enough carbon to offset emissions and energy consumption since Microsoft was founded.

(+) AMD, NVDA, QCOM – Mizuho has compiled a list of the best chip manufacturers for 2020 and Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm are included in this list.

(+) AAPL – Barclays analysts say the Apple iPhone lineup released this fall will include a new version of Face ID and 3D sensors that can help improve AR applications.

(+) IRBT – Raymond James switches to Underperform’s Market Perform rating, believing that the negative catalysts have disappeared.

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News of 24 Jan 2020

(=) neutral, (+) positive, (-) negative

(=) ADPT valued its secondary offering at $ 26.5 per share.
(=) UBER offers 2,000 Nissan electric cars to London drivers.
(+) UBER and LYFT received permission to work in Vancouver.
(=) DDOG will report for the 4th quarter – February 13th.
(=) FSLY will report for the 4th quarter – February 20.


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Current stock summary

HOLD – as it says, just hold the positions

LOOK – be alert, and be ready to close

SELL – as it says, sell right away


Stock AVG Target Fundamental Upside,
Profit since IPO, % Profit since FWD, % Midterm positions (over 1 month) Short term positions (below 1 month)
ROKU 149,94 12% 858% HOLD HOLD
SWCH 17,23 6% -4% HOLD SELL
QD 5,41 61% -86% LOOK LOOK
MDB 164,62 11% 519% HOLD HOLD
PAGS 45,89 31% 59% HOLD
ZS 61,19 3% 271% HOLD HOLD
DBX 27,31 54% -16% LOOK LOOK
DOCU 83,85 13% 156% HOLD HOLD
SMAR 52,31 12% 212% HOLD
GSKY 8,17 -11% -60% HOLD LOOK
AVLR 100,91 21% 247% HOLD HOLD
1810 11,90 -11% -22% HOLD HOLD
TENB 34,45 27% 18% LOOK SELL
FTCH 15,75 21% -35% LOOK LOOK
ESTC 91,75 35% 89% HOLD LOOK
PLAN 65,50 15% 235% HOLD HOLD
SWAV 48,80 11% 157% HOLD LOOK
LEVI 24,00 20% 17% LOOK HOLD
LYFT 66,32 37% -33% HOLD LOOK
PD 28,17 17% 1% LOOK HOLD
PINS 26,76 18% 19% LOOK HOLD
ZM 79,29 6% 107% LOOK HOLD
TMDX 24,50 23% 25% LOOK
BYND 102,11 -14% 375% LOOK LOOK
UBER 44,89 20% -17% HOLD HOLD
FSLY 26,11 4% 57% LOOK HOLD
RVLV 29,36 64% 0% LOOK LOOK
CRWD 76,38 24% 81% HOLD HOLD
FVRR 29,13 11% 25% LOOK HOLD
CHWY 35,45 26% 27% HOLD LOOK
ADPT 44,67 66% 34% LOOK LOOK
CHNG 18,47 11% 28% HOLD HOLD
REAL 27,10 69% -20% LOOK LOOK
DOYU 9,27 17% -31% HOLD
MDLA 44,50 43% 48% HOLD HOLD
LVGO 43,29 55% 0% HOLD HOLD
HCAT 48,83 39% 35% HOLD LOOK
SNDL 5,75 103% -78% HOLD LOOK
DT 29,73 7% 74% HOLD HOLD
INMD 47,00 -6% 255% HOLD HOLD
SDC 18,67 36% -40% HOLD HOLD
NET 21,25 17% 21% HOLD HOLD
PING 26,86 7% 67% HOLD HOLD
DDOG 44,10 3% 59% HOLD HOLD
PTON 34,95 16% 4% HOLD LOOK
PGNY 29,55 -9% 150% 125% HOLD HOLD
XP 39,15 -5% 52% 37% HOLD HOLD
BILL 39,57 -14% 110% 89% HOLD HOLD
SPT 23,70 13% 23% 11% HOLD HOLD
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News of 3 Feb 2020

(=) neutral, (+) positive, (-) negative

(=) AAPL – Apple closes all Chinese stores and offices, but according to Wedbush this will be less than 3% of iPhone’s annual sales in China, and the impact is likely to be negligible.

(+) ROKU – Companies have entered into a new agreement to preserve Fox channels on Roku devices. For direct 4K streaming for Super Bowl for owners of Roku players.

(+) AMZN – KeyBanc maintains a Buy rating on Amazon and raises the target to $ 2,400.

(+) AMZN – Wedbush (Outperform) raises Amazon’s target price to $ 2325.

(+) ACN – Accenture extends Workday practice.

(+) NKE – Nike Vaporfly will be presented at the Tokyo Olympics.

(+) SQ – UPS will add the Square Online Store to its Digital Access program, which can improve Square’s positioning to better compete with peers like Shopify.

(+) WDC – Susquehanna maintains a positive Western Digital rating and raises the target from $ 90 to $ 100.

(+) MO – Piper Sandler raised its target price to $ 57 with a Buy rating.

(+) AMZN – RBC Capital has raised its Amazon target from $ 2,500 to $ 2,700 dollars and also predicts a bullish scenario at $ 3200.

(+) PYPL – Guggenheim upgrades PayPal Holdings to Buy.

(+) IBM – Analysts positively evaluate the leadership of IBM.

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Another maximum at 3357 points

# * What is happening on the market today? *

– * Yesterday. * The market once again updates the historical maximum at the level of 3357 points, continuing its movement in the local growing channel.

– *Today*. Futures S&P 500 shows continued growth dynamics, with consolidation above 3365 points.

* What is the market moving now? *

* Spotlight: the health situation. *

* Triggers: *

(1) There is growing confidence among investors that a coronavirus outbreak has a short-term effect.

(2) Recent data from China indicate that the outbreak may be weakened.

(3) Fed Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized the good state of the US economy.

*What to expect?*

Given the fairly good dynamics in futures, it will be important for the market to break through resistance at 3370 to continue growth, in which case the following growth targets at 3385-3397 points. If the breakdown does not take place, a flat in the range of levels of 3370-3340 points is not ruled out.

# Sectors

* Sectors showed mixed dynamics, with XLE growth leader. *

Technology Sector (XLK) -0.34%

Financial Sector (XLF) 0.35%

Utilities Sector (XLU) 0.36%

Energy Sector (XLE) 1.12%

Industrial Sector (XLI) 0.38%

Health Sector (XLV) 0.60%

Consumer Sector (XLP) -0.37%

Durable Goods Sector (XLY) 0.79%

Basic Materials Sector (XLB) 0.55%

# Stock News

(=) FB – Facebook will also not attend the MWC conference.

(=) TSLA – National Transport Safety Council opens its public protocol on two accidents involving Tesla vehicles

(+) GOOGL – According to information sources, YouTube spoke with several companies about adding their streaming subscription services.

(+) PFE – Astellas Pharma and collaboration partner Pfizer announce the final data from the PROSPER Phase 3 clinical trial, evaluating Xtandi with a positive result.

(+) MU – Micron confirms its forecast of capital investments in FY20 in the amount of 7-8 billion dollars. The company claims that NAND’s deliveries are “much more rational” and see a healthy environment throughout the year.

(+) AAPL – Apple has hired Warner Music Group veteran Jeff Bronikowski as global leader in strategic music initiatives. Bronikowski previously served as vice president of global business development at Warner Music.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX rose slightly to 15.18, but ran into resistance at 15.2.

Gold continues to move in the channel at the level of 1569, almost at the same levels.

The yield on 10-year bonds rose to 1.608. continuing bounce attempts.

Oil is also trying to bounce off at 50.6.

Intermarket indicators show an ambiguous situation, in the moment it is important for the VIX indicator to stay below resistance at 15.2, in which case you can see the continuation of the bullish thesis on the market.

# Market topics

* Sanders won the democratic primaries in New Hampshire. *

– Bernie Sanders won the primaries on Tuesday, reflecting competition from Pete Buttigag and Amy Klobuchar, seeking to strengthen their status as a democratic party divided between progressive and moderate. With 86% of the polls, Sanders received 25.8% of the vote, buttigig received 24.4%. Klobuchar was third with 19.7%, according to the Associated Press.
“Buttigig gained trust thanks to his strong second finish in fifth place in Iowa.” He also retained his leadership in the delegates. The result Klobuchar was a big surprise of the evening, taking third place. However, victory is a victory, and Sanders grabbed his pinnacle to assert leadership status in the presidential race.

* Oil continues to grow, despite Russia’s hesitation over the decline in OPEC + production. *

– Oil continued to grow as investors weighed hopes for Russia’s decision to accept OPEC +’s proposal to reduce production amid increasing US crude oil reserves. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies have expressed their desire to stabilize the oil market.
– An API report also showed that oil stocks were down 2.33 million barrels last week, while gasoline stocks were up 1.08 million barrels.

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News of 14 Feb 2020

(=) neutral, (+) positive, (-) negative

(-) TSLA – Tesla recalls 15 thousand Model X SUVs due to a power steering problem.

(+) PYPL – FIS becomes the first non-bank payment partner integrated with the PayPal project with Pay Rewards.

(+) BA – Credit Suisse raises the target price of Boeing shares to $ 367, which reflects increased confidence in the company’s cash flow path after meeting with management this week.

(+) TWTR – LightShed Partners raised its target price to 45 with a Buy rating.

(+) NVDA – Jefferies raised Nvidia’s target price to $ 315.

(+) NVDA – Susquehanna also raises the target price to $ 310.

(+) NVDA – Wedbush joins colleagues and raises target price to $ 295.

(+) FB – WhatsApp reports about 2 billion users, compared with 1.5 billion two years ago.

(+) ATVI – SunTrust raised its target price to $ 68 amid a solid report.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX fell to 13.74, breaking through the local support level.

Gold shows growth attempts at the level of 1578.

Yields on 10-year bonds fell to 1.589.

Oil is adjusted at 51.2 after an attempt to rebound.

Intermarket indicators reflected market growth, and VIX will be important to stay below 14.8 to continue bullish dynamics in the market.

# Market topics

* World Mobile Congress canceled due to coronavirus.

* – The wireless industry canceled its largest annual exhibition after the outbreak of coronavirus caused a massive outflow of participants who excited telecommunications companies. – For the first time in the 33-year history of MWC Barcelona, ​​the organizers canceled an event that brings together more than 100,000 participants from around the world to get acquainted with the latest innovations, present to investors and close deals. “Global concern over the outbreak of coronavirus, travel problems and other circumstances makes it impossible to host this event,” said John Hoffman, executive director of the GSMA conference organizer. * KKR raised $ 1.3 billion for a global exposure fund.

* – KKR & Co. raised $ 1.3 billion for its first global impact fund, one of the largest of its kind, as the alternative asset manager is stepping up investment in a business that addresses environmental and social issues. – The fund is supported by pension funds, family offices, institutional investors and high-income individuals, KKR said on Wednesday in a statement announcing the completion of raising capital. A New York-based firm is investing $ 130 million in equity with customers. – Private joint-stock companies accumulate funds in an attempt to play a more important role in the rapidly growing area of ​​socially responsible investment. The foundation will focus on topics such as climate change, clean water, labor development, waste, mobility, sustainability and infrastructure improvements that contribute to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

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* Sectors showed more mixed dynamics, with growth leaders XLU and XLP. *

Technology Sector (XLK) -0.27%

Financial Sector (XLF) -0.03%

Utilities Sector (XLU) 1.11%

Energy Sector (XLE) -0.31%

Industrial Sector (XLI) -0.56%

Health Sector (XLV) -0.47%

Consumer Sector (XLP) 0.59%

Durable Goods Sector (XLY) -0.17%

Basic Materials Sector (XLB) -0.36%

# Stock News

(+) TWTR – Twitter is creating its first engineering center in the Asia-Pacific region, which plans to hire at least 65 technical staff in Singapore.

(=) TSLA – Tesla estimates SPO at $ 2 billion at a price of $ 767 per share.

(+) FB – An experimental group on Facebook has released Hobbi, a Pinterest-style photo storage / sharing application.

(+) CRM – Mizuho raises its Salesforce target to $ 215.

(+) BABA – Baird believes that Alibaba has a good enough opportunity for quick recovery after exposure to coronavirus. Baird maintains an Outperform rating and raises its target from $ 200 to $ 230.

(+) PM – Cowen upgraded Philip Morris International to Outperform with a target price of $ 102.

(+) FEYE – FireEye grew up on Cisco buyback rumors.

(+) TSLA – Wed Ivs analyst Dan Ives calls SPO Tesla a smart move on the part of Mask and management, and the company will have a much stronger capital position when launching Gigafactory 3.

(=) WMT – According to The Wall Street Journal, Walmart plans to restructure Jetblack trading service after failing negotiations with potential investors.

(+) PEP – PepsiCo does not see a significant impact on the business due to the coronavirus.

(+) AAPL – Apple opens some stores in Beijing.

(+) FB – Instagram is in talks with video producers to increase funding this year for an IGTV show. To strengthen the competition with the TikTok platform.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX showed a slight increase to the level of 14.15.

Gold practically remained unchanged and approached the channel border at the level of 1577.

Yields on 10-year bonds also did not change much and traded at 1.614.

Oil has grown a bit to the level of 51.55.

Intermarket indicators reflected the correctional dynamics of the market, and for growth, the VIX indicator needs to break through the support level of 13.8.

# Market topics

* German GDP report indicates stagnant economy. *

– The German economy stagnated at the end of 2019, leaving it in a weakened state even before the emergence of a new threat of the coronavirus.
– Friday news was not all bad; growth in the third quarter was slightly revised, and in the fourth quarter the economy escaped the contraction some feared.
– While in 2020 a recovery was to take place, albeit a modest one, it is now in question because of the continuing weakness of the industry, and also because of the consequences of the outbreak in China.
– The last round of bad news for Germany began last week, when the numbers showed the largest drop in industrial production after the global financial crisis a decade ago. While in retrospect, these data reflect recent positives against the backdrop of more positive survey results.

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New markets highs at 3380 points

# ** What is happening on the market today? **

– ** On Friday. ** The market updated its historical maximum at 3380 points, continuing its movement in a local growing channel.

– **Today**. Futures S&P 500 shows a slight correction within the local channel above the level of 3370 points.

** What is the market moving now? **

** Spotlight: Health Situation. **

** Triggers: **

(1) China will increase financial support for the economy.

(2) Xi Jinping stated that anti-virus measures had a “positive effect”.

**What to expect?**

Given the correctional dynamics of the futures, it will be important for the market to stay above the local support levels of 3330-3320 points, in order to maintain a bullish thesis in the market.

# Expected Events


February 19 – 19:30 ALT – The number of construction permits issued.

February 19 – 19:30 ALT – Producer Price Index (PPI).

02.20 – 01:00 ALT – Publication of FOMC protocols.

02.20 – 19:30 ALT – Production Activity Index.

02.21 – 08:45 ALT – Index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI).

02.21 – 21:00 ALT – Sales in the secondary housing market.

# Sectors

** Sectors showed more mixed dynamics, with growth leaders XLU and XLK. **

Technology Sector (XLK) 0.43%

Financial Sector (XLF) 0.13%

Utilities Sector (XLU) 0.67%

Energy Sector (XLE) -0.53%

Industrial Sector (XLI) -0.13%

Health Sector (XLV) 0.08%

Consumer Sector (XLP) 0.23%

Durable goods sector (XLY) -0.15%

Basic Materials Sector (XLB) 0.02%

# Stock News

(+) GOOGL – Google reduces the “small number of employees” in its cloud computing division to improve business processes.

(+) BA – Boeing presents an initial plan to solve wiring problems in 737 MAX aircraft.

(=) BA – The United States increases tariffs for European aircraft to 15% from 10%.

(+) AAPL – Apple will develop its own antenna for the iPhone 5G.

(=) TSLA – The Berlin High Administrative Court ordered Tesla to stop clearing forest land near Berlin for the construction of the Giga Berlin plant.

(+) AAPL – Apple opens a store in Shanghai.

(=) FB – Facebook cancels the marketing summit due to virus.

(-) AAPL – Apple warns of a possible drop in revenue for the quarter due to the coronavirus.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX rose to 15.18, approaching an important resistance level.

Gold shows a good attempt to exit the channel at the level of 1585.

Yields on 10-year bonds fell to 1,588.

Oil is consolidating at 51.5 after a good bounce attempt.

Intermarket indicators show an ambiguous situation, and if the VIX breaks the resistance level by 15.5, further correction is possible.

# Market topics

** China promises to increase financial support. **

– China promised to introduce more effective incentives, despite the widening budget gap, since coronavirus negatively affects the economy.
– Finance Minister Liu Kun wrote on Sunday in Qiushi magazine that the country will continue to improve and implement measures to reduce corporate taxes and reduce unnecessary government spending, as the virus affects production.
“According to him,“ targeted and phased ”measures will be carried out to reduce taxes and expenses to help companies. According to Liu, the policy includes a reduction or exemption from value added tax for firms providing essential goods or logistics, and an increase in funds for provincial authorities.

** Chinese leaders promise to achieve growth goals despite the virus. **

– China called on the nation to achieve its economic goals this year, even against the backdrop of pressure from the coronavirus. Xi also announced the sustainability of the economy amid an almost complete halt in production in some cities.
“The goals will be achieved by maintaining a reasonable and flexible monetary policy, making greater use of the fiscal policy, stimulating domestic consumption and promoting major projects with foreign investment,” the leaders said at the meeting.
– Officials should give priority to the effective use of investments within the budget of the central government, increase the interest of private investments and accelerate the construction of large projects.