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Minor correction under resistance at 2761 points

# * What is happening on the market today? *

* Yesterday. * The market showed a slight decrease to the level of 2761 points, forming a local flat with a range of 2730-2800.

*Today*. Futures S&P 500 shows an attempt to grow below the level of 2800 points and testing the nearest strong resistance level of 2820 points.

* What is the market moving now? *

* Focus: health situation and government action. *

* Triggers: *

(1) Market participants awaiting the start of the reporting season.

(2) Optimistic that the coronavirus curve is aligned.

*What to expect?*

Given the movement of the futures, it will be important for the market to break through and maintain resistance by 2820 points, which will significantly increase the likelihood of a continuation of the recovery trend.

# Sectors

* Most of the sectors showed a correction, but it is worth highlighting the technological XLK which remained in the black. *

Technology Sector (XLK) 0.22%

Financial Sector (XLF) -3.64%

Utilities Sector (XLU) -3.17%

Energy Sector (XLE) -0.32%

Industrial Sector (XLI) -2.93%

Health Sector (XLV) -0.88%

Consumer Sector (XLP) -0.74%

Durable Goods Sector (XLY) -0.03%

Basic Materials Sector (XLB) -2.2%

# Stock News

(+) AMZN – Amazon will allow third-party sellers to send non-essential goods to an e-commerce company starting this week.

(+) AMZN – Canaccord Genuity raises Amazon’s target price from $ 2,500 to $ 2,600, citing skyrocketing prices for “essentials, food and cloud computing.”

(+) AMZN – Amazon has announced that it intends to hire another 75 thousand new employees.

(=) TSLA – In search of cost savings, Tesla turned to landlords to lower rents due to a pandemic.

(+) DIS – Disney enters into a new $ 5 billion loan agreement with Citi.

(=) JETS – The government has established identical conditions for industry players and declares that it will not conduct individual negotiations with airline executives.

(+) BABA – KeyBanc maintains a Buy rating on Alibaba and increases its target from $ 248 to $ 255.

(+) NFLX – Canaccord Genuity raised its target price to 450, based on expectations of a faster growth in the number of subscribers “due to an increase in demand for entertainment opportunities for the home.”

(+) PANW – Rosenblatt upgraded the Palo Alto rating from Neutral to Buy. Target increased from $ 5 to $ 225.

(-) AAPL – Raymond James lowers Apple’s bar from $ 360 to $ 305, citing lower global demand due to the closure of retail stores outside of China.

(-) MU – Goldman Sachs reduces Micron from Buy to Neutral with a target price of $ 49.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX continues to fall to level 40, approaching an important level of support.

Gold is consolidating at the highs at 1760, with attempts to go lower.

The yield on 10-year bonds showed a slight correction to the level of 0.758.

Oil continues to correct, testing important support at level 22.

Intermarket indicators reflected the dynamics of the market, and if VIX continues to fall and breaks support at the level of 39-38, further market growth is possible.

# Market topics

* The strategist who warned investors, before the start of the correction, now sees the possibility of buying. *

– John Stoltzfus from Oppenheimer Asset Management plans to add shares to his portfolio this season of earnings – about two months after warning investors that the consequences of coronavirus can not be avoided.
“This will show us the winners and losers in the sectors – companies that may be able to better survive this,” the firm’s chief investment strategist told CNBC.
“Now he believes that the bull market is somewhere close, and he is taking steps to capitalize on it.” His current list contains more than two dozen names.

    “This is not a huge list, but a list of companies that we would like to add to the positions that we already have,” he said.

    Stolzfus suggests that the utilities sector can help increase portfolios. This is the group that he actually avoided earlier this year.

“Stolzfus, who has been working on Wall Street for four decades, sees massive incentives and low interest rates as bullish effects on the market.

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Good evening!

Continued growth to 2846 points, breaking through important resistance

# ** What is happening on the market today? **

** Yesterday. ** The market showed good growth to the level of 2846 points, breaking through important resistance.

**Today**. Futures S&P 500 shows a small pullback within the channel, with consolidation above 2800 points.

** What is the market moving now? **

** Spotlight: health situation and government action. **

** Triggers: **

(1) Some encouraging signs that the outbreak of coronavirus are weakening in some regions of the world.

(2) Start of the reporting season.

**What to expect?**

As the futures demonstrate correction, it will be important for the market to maintain local support levels of 2780-2730 points to maintain a local growing trend, which in turn will increase the likelihood of continued growth in the event of repeated breakdown of resistance levels by 2820-2850 points.

# Sectors

** Almost all sectors showed growth, with growth leaders XLK, XLP, XLV. **

Technology Sector (XLK) 4.19%

Financial Sector (XLF) 0.44%

Utilities Sector (XLU) 2.9%

Energy Sector (XLE) -0.47%

Industrial Sector (XLI) 1.91%

Health Sector (XLV) 3.32%

Consumer Sector (XLP) 4.25%

Durable Goods Sector (XLY) 3.91%

Basic Materials Sector (XLB) 1.29%

# Stock News

(+) TSLA – According to the automotive consulting company LMC Automotive, the number of registered Tesla cars in China jumped 450% in March compared with February.

(+) TSLA – Goldman Sachs set a Buy rating for Tesla and set a target price of $ 864. “We positively evaluate Tesla because we believe that the company has significant leadership in electric vehicle products, and this is a market in which we expect long-term growth,” said Mark Delaney, Goldman Sachs analyst.

(=) JETS – If grants of $ 25 billion are allocated, the government is expected to own about 3.0% of US airlines, 2.3% of United Airlines, 1.3% of JetBlue, 1% of Delta Air Lines and 0.6% Southwest Airlines.

(+) NFLX – “This is one of the few names in the S & P 500 that, for the most part, is immune to the derivative effects of COVID-19,” according to Imperial. The firm raised its target price to $ 447 from $ 438.

(+) AAPL – Apple launches a virus tracking tool. This tool is intended to help governments and health authorities gain insight into local social distance practices.

(+) WYNN – Citi upgrades Wynn Resorts to Buy. “We continue to firmly believe in Macau’s long-term growth history, despite short-term growth barriers,” said the Citi analyst team.

(-) BA – Boeing reports 50 commercial shipments in the first quarter, less than the forecast of 60 shipments.

(+) AAPL – iPhone sales in China are recovering, Apple shipped about 2.5 million iPhones in China last month, according to the government. Chinese online stores offer big discounts on all iPhone 11 models.

(-) JETS – Coewn expects a decrease in US air travel and that at the end of the year, demand for airlines will be 30% less than at the beginning of the year.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX shows an attempt to grow above level 40.

Gold rolls back a bit from the highs above the level of 1730, but continues to move in the channel.

Yields on 10-year bonds fell to the level of 0.687, after an attempt to rebound.

Oil continues to correct, and tests the lows at 19.6.

Intermarket indicators reflect the dynamics of the market, it is important to pay attention to the VIX which needs to stay below resistance 41.3, otherwise increased volatility in the market is not ruled out.

# Market topics

“The flattening of the viral curve simultaneously across the country and around the world has sparked a wide and serious discussion at the national level about the resumption of the economy,” said Jut Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Leuthold Group, to CNBC. “For the crisis, the main slogan of which for investors was” this is completely unknown “, and this is perhaps the first time when there is some semblance of clarity regarding the timing of the end of this sad situation.”
“The market has rallied from the idea that“ perhaps the worst of the economic downturn has ended ”and talk of a resumption of the economy, said Charles Schwab spokesman Jeffrey Kleintop.
“But Kleintop, the chief global investment strategist at Charles Schwab, warned that“ the stock market may be more difficult at the current level. ” He said one of the unknowns is the likelihood of a second wave of infections if the blocking measures are canceled.
– The upbeat sentiment of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo about the outbreak in his state, the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, also contributed to investor sentiment. He said Tuesday that virus-related deaths in the state are leveling out.

** The IEA states that this year the crisis with the crowns

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Good evening!

Solid growth to the level of 2874 points

# * What is happening on the market today? *

* On Friday. * The market showed growth to the levels of 2874 points, and also continued to move in the upward channel.

*Today*. Futures S&P 500 shows correction after rising above the level of 2800 points, continuing to move at the lower border of the channel.

* What is the market moving now? *

* Focus: health situation and government action. *

* Triggers: *

(1) The market appreciates the efforts of pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine against the virus.

(2) Continued decline in WTI oil amid weak demand and filling of oil storage facilities.

(3) The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said that the state “overcame the peak” of new cases, also noting that infection rates had declined.

(4) Stephen Mnuchin said that the administration and Congress are close to concluding a deal on a second round of loans for small businesses in the amount of $ 370 billion.

*What to expect?*

As futures demonstrate corrective movement, it will be very important for the market to maintain local support levels at 2800-2760 points to maintain a growing trend.

# Expected Events

April 21 – 20:00 ALT – Sales in the secondary housing market.

April 22 – 20:30 ALT – Crude Oil Reserves.

April 23 – 18:30 ALT – The number of initial applications for unemployment benefits.

April 23 – 20:00 ALT – Sales of new housing.

April 24 – 18:30 ALT – Basic orders for durable goods.


# Sectors

* Sectors showed growth, with the leadership of XLE, XLI, XLF. *

Technology Sector (XLK) 1.33%

Financial Sector (XLF) 5.27%

Utilities Sector (XLU) 3.22%

Energy Sector (XLE) 10.62%

Industrial Sector (XLI) 4.7%

Health Sector (XLV) 2.08%

Consumer Sector (XLP) 1.53%

Durable Goods Sector (XLY) 2.95%

Basic Materials Sector (XLB) 4%

# Stock News

(+) AMZN – The Competition and Markets Authority pre-approves Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo.

(+) WMT – Walmart strengthens safeguards: “Starting on Monday, we will begin to require employees to wear face masks at work. This includes our stores, clubs, distribution centers and order fulfillment centers, as well as in our corporate offices, ”the note said by Walmart executives.

(+) JPM – JPMorgan Chase has allocated loans of $ 14 billion as part of a government wage protection program. “JPM provided more funds for small businesses than anyone else in the industry,” said spokeswoman Trish Wexler.

(+) BA – Boeing says it will resume operations at its facilities in Ridley, PA on April 20, after a two-week pause that began on April 3.

(=) AAPL – Beats longtime president Luke Wood has been leaving Apple since April 30th. In turn, Oliver Schusser, the head of Apple Music and International Content, will lead the premium headphone business.

(-) AAPL – Goldman Sachs downgrades Apple from Neutral to Sell. Analysts led by Rod Hall predict a weaker recovery in early 2021 and an “ongoing” ASP weakness due to the economic downturn. Goldman lowers its Apple target from $ 250 to $ 233.

(+) BABA – Alibaba said it will invest $ 28.26 billion in its cloud computing business over the next three years due to increased competition in this market.

(=) MO – Altria CEO Howard Willard resigns after 28 years at the company. Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer Billy Gifford was chosen instead of Willard as CEO.

(=) DIS – Disney stops paying over 100,000 employees this week, or nearly half its workforce, to save $ 500 million per month.

(=) MCD – As a measure against COVID-19, the Ministry of Health advised that all operations in restaurants, including McDelivery and Drive-Thru, be suspended until May 4.

(-) BA – China Development Bank Financial Leasing has entered into an agreement with Boeing to cancel the purchase of 29 737 Max aircraft, reports Reuters.

(=) WYNN – Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox urges the Governor of Nevada to open the Las Vegas Strip in mid-late May with extensive security measures.

(+) FB – According to The New York Times, Facebook plans to launch its game application ahead of schedule on Monday to take advantage of stay at home.

(+) BA – Germany will order 45 Boeing fighters to replace the old ones. According to the report, the country will order 30 F / A-18 Super Hornets and 15 Growlers EA-18G to replace the aging Tornado aircraft.



# Intermarket analysis

VIX fell to 38.1 with a near support test, but at the opening today it shows an attempt to bounce at level 40.

Gold fell to the lower border of the channel to the level of 1695, but having tested support, it shows an attempt to rebound.

The yield on 10-year bonds fell to the level of 0.618, and demonstrates a local flat.

WTI oil continues to fall, and having broken through the support level at level 18, it is currently trading at level 12 testing the 1999 lows.

Intermarket indicators reflected the growth of the market as a whole, and if we talk about VIX, it will be important to break through support at level 37 to continue the growing dynamics of the market.

# Market topics

* The Senate is close to launching a $ 370 billion program for lending to small enterprises. *

– Democrats and Republicans are approaching an agreement on Sunday, which could provide about $ 370 billion in loan programs for small businesses.
– Negotiations began after Thursday ended the program of protection of salaries in the amount of $ 349 billion, which offers soft loans to small enterprises. Democrats rejected a replenishment offer two weeks ago. Instead, they advocated for change, including adding money to support federal testing, hospitals, and local governments. They also insist that non-banking groups gain access to the program.
– As of Sunday evening, Democrats and Republicans were negotiating an agreement, according to which another 310 billion dollars are allocated to the Wage Protection Program, of which 60 billion dollars are allocated to rural and minority groups. Another $ 60 billion will go to the Economic Injury Loan program, a separate program that offers loans for small businesses managed by the Small Business Association.
“Trump said he is in favor of helping states and local governments, but that will come in a future aid package.” “We are going to save this at a later date,” Trump said. “It will probably be our next negotiations.”

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Solid growth to the level of 2939 points

# * What is happening on the market today? *

* Yesterday. * The market showed solid growth to the levels of 2939 points, thereby continuing to move in the local growing channel, and breaking through important resistance levels at the level of 2920.

*Today*. The S&P 500 Futures is showing a correction below 2950 points with a test of immediate support at 2910 points.

* What is the market moving now? *

* Spotlight: health situation and season reporting. *

* Triggers: *

(1) The continuation of the season of reports of large technology companies above Wall Street expectations.

(2) Positive test results of the drug from COVID-19 from Gilead.

(3) The Fed meeting, where Powell said that it may well be necessary to do more to support the economy.

*What to expect?*

Given the corrective movement in futures, it will be important for the market to stay above the support level by 2900 points in order to maintain a local growing channel.

# Sectors

* Sectors showed more growing dynamics, with growth leaders XLF, XLE, XLK. *

Technology Sector (XLK) 4.1

Financial Sector (XLF) 2.9%

Utilities Sector (XLU) -0.91%

Energy Sector (XLE) 7.41%

Industrial Sector (XLI) 1.91%

Health Sector (XLV) 0.66%

Consumer Sector (XLP) -0.42%

Durable goods sector (XLY) 2.2%

Base Materials Sector (XLB) 2.55%

# Stock News

(+) TSLA – Wedbush analyst Dan Ives says high demand for China’s Model 3 remains a light for Tesla and notes that the EV automaker seems to be picking up speed to reach 100,000 units in its first year for Giga 3 in China. In a brutal setting, these last figures have become a bright spot for the bulls and are likely to contribute to a further parabolic rally in stocks.

(+) TSLA – Musk said manufacturing costs are shrinking in Shanghai, and Model 3 prices in China will be cut later this week. The company sees more opportunities to increase profitability in China, as the supply chain is improved and localized.

(-) BA – Boeing’s credit rating dropped to BBB- from BBB from S&P.

(+) MSFT – “COVID-19 had a minimal impact on the company’s total revenue,” the report said. In the Performance and Business section, Office 365 business revenue grew 25%. Office consumer products and cloud services grew 15%. The company bought back $ 9.9 billion in the third quarter, up 33% from a year ago.

(+) NFLX – Loop Capital Markets raised its target price by confirming the Buy rating emphasizing confidence in the growth of subscribers. Loop’s new target price of $ 500.

(+) WYNN – Wynn Las Vegas employees will get access to free COVID-19 testing. The company is adjusting the resort to the new realities so that it opens again next month.

(+) BA – Chief Financial Officer Greg Smith said the company is taking steps to manage liquidity and maintain an investment grade rating.

(+) NTNX – Nutanix collaborates with Wipro. Companies are launching Wipro Digital Database Services, based on Nutanix’s Era and HCI database software. The solution is designed to help enterprises provide and manage databases without any knowledge of hardware or software.

(+) NTNX – Nutanix also announces that the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University has chosen the company to provide a private cloud infrastructure to support its digital transformation.

(+) AMZN – NFL and Amazon Strengthen Streaming Partnership. National Football League and Amazon are renewing their streaming partnership for games and adding exclusive rights to TV to Saturday’s game at the end of the season. Sources say the three-year deal costs more than the $ 130 million deal since 2018.

(+) ROKU – Expecting long-term growth in streaming, Benchmark launches Roku with a Buy rating and a target price of $ 153.

(+) JNJ – Catalent will partner with Johnson & Johnson Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies to accelerate production capacity and prepare for large-scale production of the lead vaccine candidate COVID-19 from J & J.

(+) GOOGL – Google has announced that it makes its “Meet” product free for all users with a Gmail email address. Google Meet Cloud Notes is a 3-minute video meeting with 3 million users a day. Daily meetings of the participants were held at 100 million in April.

(=) SBUX – Cowen maintains a Market Perform rating for Starbucks after reporting the company for the first quarter and updating trends for the second quarter. Analyst Andrew Charles believes that SBUX could potentially face a macroeconomic problem in the United States.

# Intermarket analysis

VIX continued to fall to the level of 31.2, also continuing to move in the downward channel.

Gold continues to consolidate at 1730, exiting a growing channel.

Yield of 10-year bonds continues to be traded at 0.614, in a local flat.

Oil shows a rebound of 16.6 with consolidation below the resistance level of 18.

Intermarket indicators reflected market growth, and if VIX continues to fall with the breakdown of the support level by 30, which will also increase the likelihood of continued market growth.

# Market topics

* FDA works closely with Gilead to make remdesivir available to patients with coronavirus “as quickly as possible.” *

“The Food and Drug Administration is having“ ongoing ”discussions with Gilead Sciences to make the antiviral drug remdesivir available to Covid-19 patients“ as quickly as possible, ”the agency said Wednesday.
“Earlier that day, White House Health Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said the Gilead coronavirus drug test data showed“ pretty good results ”and set a new standard in patient care with Covid-19.
– Speaking to reporters from the White House, Fauchi said he was informed that the trial data showed “a clear positive effect in reducing the recovery time.”
– The New York Times reported that the FDA plans to announce an emergency use of remdesivir on Wednesday.
– FDA spokesman Michael Felberbaum told CNBC: “As part of the FDA’s commitment to accelerate the development and accessibility of potential COVID-19 treatments, the agency has been actively and continuously discussing with Gilead Sciences how to make remdesivir available to patients as quickly as possible. as the case may be. ”

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* US market: review and forecast for May 4. Trump’s attacks on China are unnerving the bulls. *

* Market the day before *

American indices finished the first trading day of May in a deep minus. The sale was primarily the result of concerns about the business prospects of Inc. and Apple Inc. Of the other negative news, it is worth noting Trump’s threat to introduce new import duties on goods from China, as well as a drop in the ISM industrial index to a minimum since 2009.

S & P500 as a result of the day decreased by 2.81%, to 2831 points. The largest decline in the day was recorded by the energy sector, while the consumer goods sector lost less than others.

*We expect*
Global stock markets are declining today in response to the newly escalating trade controversy between the US and China. US officials accused Beijing of concealing information about the spread of coronavirus and threatened with new export duties. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed confidence that the COVID-19 pandemic was caused by a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan. At the same time, in an interview with Fox News, which Trump gave on May 3, intentions to impose next sanctions against China were not confirmed. Another round of escalation in relations between the two largest economies in the world negatively affects investor sentiment, as it worsens the prospects for the restoration of business activity.
Meanwhile, investors ‘focus has shifted from the stabilized spread of coronavirus to the authorities’ decision to remove restrictive measures. Today in Italy some of the restrictions are being relaxed. British authorities intend to submit a quarantine exit plan this week. Investors are increasingly worried about the slow recovery of economic activity, which is characteristic even of the United States, where the restrictions are relaxed.

* The exchanges of Japan and mainland China are closed today due to holidays. * Hong Kong stock exchanges reacted sharply negatively to the aggravation of the calming conflict between China and the USA: HangSeng drops immediately by 4.5%. European sites win back Friday’s fall in the US by a decrease of 3-4%.
Demand for safe assets, including US bonds, remains. The rate on 10-year treasuries drops to 0.6%. Brent oil is getting cheaper. Gold returned above $ 1,700 an ounce. There is practically no risk appetite. We expect that the S & P500 during the upcoming auction will drop to 2800 points.
* Macrostatistics *
Significant macroeconomic releases are not planned today.
* Reports *
Before the opening of the market, the results for the first quarter will be presented by the meat processing giant Tyson Foods. The company’s business in the first three months of this year could receive a short-term impetus due to the increased demand for its products in retail. Consensus implies revenue growth of 5%.
Mood index
Freedom Finance’s sentiment index remains at 5 out of 100, reflecting concerns about the negative economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic.
* Technical picture *
The technical picture on the S & P500 still looks good, despite the decline in recent days. The RSI indicator remains above 50, and this, coupled with positive MACD values, confirms the power of the moment. At the same time, the S & P500 could not gain a foothold above the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level of the current correction of 2920. This indicates the readiness of the bulls to take a break. The next resistance level is the 3000 points mark, where the 200-day moving average is located. Support is the 50-day average of around 2,760 points.

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