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IPOs – speculative ideas:
(1) PASG to buy by breakdown 13.7 with a target of 17 (the quiet period ended – Goldman Sachs – $ 27, Cowen and JPMorgan at $ 25)
(2) SDGR breakdown purchase 46 with a target of 50 (the company announced a partnership with AstraZeneca)
(3) UBER breakdown purchase 24 with a target of 26.5 and LYFT breakdown purchase 25.5 with a target of 29 (According to Axios, UBER sent a letter to Trump asking the government to include independent contractors in the incentive plans.)


IPOs – strong fundamentally and technically:

(1) ROKU purchase on a breakdown of 98 with a target of 106 (Needham updated the cc to $ 200)
(2) CRWD breakdown purchase 56 with a target of 60 (strong report, cybersecurity stocks will perform against the background of remote work)
(3) ZS breakdown purchase 61 with a target of 65 (cybersecurity shares will perform against the background of remote work)
(4) MDB breakdown purchase 132.5 with a target of 138 (Strong technically and kept up against the background of correction)
(5) NET purchase with a breakdown of 22.7 with a goal of 24 (they will perform against the background of remote work, as the company’s activities are connected with servers

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